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How do I book a class or a board rental?

Click on the Class Schedule - Book Online page. Scroll down and you will see 3 tabs: "Group Sessions", "Private Sessions" Paddleboard Rentals". Select the class type that you are looking for. 

Next, select your class, date and time. Follow each screen and complete the details to complete your booking. You will receive a confirmation email and a link to a waiver form which must be completed electronically before class. If you have booked online yoga, a Zoom link will be sent to you prior to class start.

Where is my class located?

Classes are located at Caribbean Club Hotel (871 West Bay Rd), The Kimpton Seafire Resort (60 Tanager Way) and The Grand Cayman Marriott Resort (389 West Bay Rd). Your e-mail confirmation will show your class location. If you have a private session, that class could potentially be offered at your location. If you are a guest at the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa or Grand Cayman Marriott Resort, your class will be located at the resort. Your instructor will e-mail you the day before your class to confirm the location; but if you are confused please feel free to check the schedule on the Class Schedule page or contact us.

What happens if there is bad weather?

Your instructor will contact you via phone or e-mail at least an hour before class to confirm cancellation of class. We have a zero tolerance policy if there is lightning in the area. If it is around, class is canceled. 

What do I wear?

Wear what you are comfortable in. If that is a bikini, board shorts, UV shirt, yoga leggings etc., it is OK! We do recommend wearing something with UV protection, and also wear reef safe sunscreen to help protect our ocean. Yoga leggings do allow better grip for arm balance if you want to try one. Wear sunglasses/hats at your own risk. If it falls in the ocean, it is your responsibility to collect it.

Will I get wet?

Absolutely. Even if you don't fall in, you will get wet while getting in the ocean, standing or sitting on the board. 

How deep is the water?

Classes are usually held in water that ranges from 6-12 feet.

What if I can't swim?

You must be able to swim to take a class. If you are able to swim but have a fear of water, please request a life vest at the time of class registration.

Are there sharks in the ocean?

Think about it this way: Are there bears in the woods? Are there fish in the sea? Yes, there are sharks in the ocean, but it is extremely rare for them to come close to shore where our class is held. 

Will I get seasick?

If you are prone to seasickness, please take your medication before class so it has enough time to work for you. Seasickness does occur due to lack of hydration, high temperatures and the movement of the ocean. If you get seasick during class, feel free to excuse yourself and head back to shore. Your health is what matters!

If I am pregnant, can I participate in a class?

Please consult with your doctor and get a professional opinion before registering for class. You are welcome to message us with any questions or concerns regarding this topic as each pregnancy is unique.

Do you offer retreats?

We are happy to offer a retreat for your group. Please e-mail us at to sort out the details.

I see that your Head Instructor offers Continuing Education via the Yoga Alliance. Can you certify my group?

Yes, we are able to offer a class consisting of 20-25 continuing education hours. This class will certify you to become a Paddleboard Yoga Instructor. All participants must already have completed their 200 hour yoga teacher training. 

Can I bring a group to Grand Cayman to be PaddleFit certified?

Yes. Please message us for details and pricing.


How do I pay?

Payment is accepted in person via cash (Both USD & CI dollars), credit card or online via Bank Transfer.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel, please notify us at your earliest convenience. If you are outside of the 12 hour window of the class time, there is no cancellation fee.  If you are within the 12 hour window, 50% of the class cost is charged.

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